Water Softener – How To Prevent Your Clothes From Fading And Turning Gray

Clothing is an investment for some people because they need the clothes for work. Your work clothes are going to be in steady rotation. Can you imagine your reaction if your clothes are ruined in the wash? You are not going to be happy. Hard water can fade your clothing and cause it to turn gray.

Your towels, clothing, and sheets will start to look dingy and feel harsh against your skin. Laundry tends to look and feel this way because of the extra mineral substances in your water. Read on to find out how water softener systems can solve your laundry problem.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water contains high levels of magnesium and calcium. The greater the concentration, the harder your water. These minerals in the water are going to attach to your laundry and cover the clothes with residue. The residue makes your clothing and linen look dull.

Excessive hard water can cause further damage to your clothing. It breaks down the fiber and creates small holes. However, water softeners are one of the best ways to get rid of the gray mineral quality in your clothing.

Take The Minerals Out Of Your Water

The solution is getting rid of the magnesium and calcium. Water softening is a technique that removes ions that cause water to become hard. Examples of ions include magnesium, iron, and calcium. With this system, you have to attach a water softener unit to your plumbing. It attaches directly to your water supply. A water softener system works by trading the minerals for something like sodium.  

Get One For Your Personal Situation

A good thing about water filtering systems, like those from Green Living Water Solutions, is you can get one to fit your situation. You do not have to settle for a general system. If your water has high iron content, then you can get a system that removes this ion. You want to choose a water softener that is for removing high amounts of iron present in water. This is one option, but you can choose from a variety of features to fit your needs.

Some people say that softened water has a salty taste. Sodium and chloride are used during the softening and filtering process. However, you will not taste the extra salt with a quality water softening system. 

You want to install this system to protect your clothes. It is going to get expensive to keep replacing your clothing.

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