4 Benefits Of Having Your Hardwood Floors Buffed And And Recoated

If your hardwood floors have seen better days, consider having them buffed. Following are a myriad of important benefits you can look forward to taking advantage of after having your floors professionally buffed:

Infuse New Life into Your Flooring

Having your hardwood floors buffed will breathe new life into them, restoring them to a fresh look that's similar to how they looked and felt when they were first installed. Buffing brings the floor's natural characteristics such as the color and texture back to life. The subtle hues and natural gleam are no longer lost after a thorough buffing job. When your floors stay looking fresh and new, you'll be less likely to want to replace them in the coming years and you can save your money for other home upgrades as they're needed.

Save Money on Refinishing

Professional buffing and waxing can help you avoid the need for a complete refinishing job, which is typically a lot more expensive, as the years pass. Buffing gets rids of light scratches, nicks, and inconsistencies, which will help keep your floors in good shape without the need for expensive treatments or refinishing projects. And buffing may reduce the need for sanding – and since sanding wears the wood floor planks out, it should be done as little as possible.

Extend the Life of Your Flooring

By having your floors buffed once in awhile, you can extend the life of your flooring so it doesn't have to be replaced anytime soon. Buffing your floors will not only keep the floors looking good, but it will removed dirt and grime that is tough to spot and clean with a mop. Your floors should look smooth and feel strong after being buffed. The floor's smooth surface will help minimize the chance that stains will develop when things are dropped on it. And by keeping your floors smooth and clean, you'll help protect it, especially where high foot traffic is experienced.

Minimize Household Disruption

Buffing is one of the less invasive treatments you can choose to freshen up your hardwood floors. Unlike projects like refinishing which can take several days to complete, buffing can be completed in as little as a day. Buffing is less noisy and messy than many projects like sanding too. You and your family members don't have to worry about being exposed to toxic chemicals and dust.

Contact your local contractor, such as at General Plating, to learn more about the buffing service and how it can benefit your specific household.

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