Hire an Excavation Service to Improve Your Land Drainage

If your property has drainage problems and the result is a frequent wet basement, then you may need to alter the slope of your land or install a French drain. Putting in a French drain isn't too difficult for a DIY project once you have the trench dug. Hiring an excavation service is usually the best way to prepare the trench for the drain or grade your land. Here's why you should hire a professional and how you can get ready for the dig.

Why it's Best to Hire an Excavation Service

Digging a trench is back-breaking labor if you do it manually. If the trench from your home to the street is very long, it could take days to get it dug if you do it yourself. One of the difficult things about digging a trench by hand is making it the correct slope. A French drain relies on gravity to move water away from your house, so if you don't dig the trench properly, the drain will be ineffective. An excavation service can dig the trench in a few hours using heavy equipment, so you could install the drain in a single weekend. Plus, the slope will be just as you need it.

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How to Prepare for an Excavation

You'll want to work with the service to obtain the necessary permits and inspections before work begins. The utility lines must also be located and marked to ensure the equipment doesn't hit an underground line. You'll want to begin the process of calling utility companies and the codes office several days before the work begins so there will be no delay to your schedule. If the trench will be near your property line, you may also need to have your land surveyed. Fortunately, an excavation service is familiar with all the requirements and can help you get ready for the dig so everything is legal and according to code.

Next, you'll want to prepare your property. Heavy machinery, even the smaller equipment used for residential trench digs, needs room to maneuver. If you have trees or plants you want to save from damage, be sure to mark them and let the excavation service know. Any plants and even trees that are in the way can be removed by the service if necessary, but that will add to the cost of having your trench dug.

Finally, consider if you need additional work done to your lot. While a French drain will work to divert water away from your house, you may also want to have your lot graded to improve the way water flows on your lot to further help keep your basement dry.

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