Tile And Wood Are Great Bathroom Floor Upgrades

As a homeowner, you probably do everything you can to keep up the appearance and cleanliness of your property. However, certain components on your home are going to fade and wear down over time, no matter how clean you keep them. For instance, your paint can fade, even if you regularly clean your walls. Similarly, your floors are going to wear down over the years, even if you clean them every single day. This article gives you a few great material options if you are thinking about replacing the floors in your home.

Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are always popular. The amazing style and reliability of wood makes it a great choice for just about any home flooring. Obviously, there are many different wood species and styles that are going to have very different looks. Maple, pine, mahogany, and cherry are among the most popular flooring woods.

Different Wood Types

Even more important then the actual species, is the type of hardwood that you have installed. That is, there are solid planks and layered planks. Layered planks are usually cheaper, lighter, and more flexible. However, they look exactly the same as solid planks because the top layer is made out of real hardwood.

Finished vs. Unfinished Wood

You also need to consider if you're going to buy finished or unfinished wood. There are many different types of finishes, and some are completely permanent. Traditional wood stain finishes need to be reapplied every few years. Even though this requires more work, some homeowners are willing to deal with this because it allows them to update the finish whenever they want to change the style. Other products have permanent clear epoxy finishes that never need to be refinished. These are convenient for homeowners who don't want the hassle.

Tile Floors

Tile floors are another great residential flooring choice. Just like wood floors, no two tile products are the same. For instance, ceramic tiles are popular because they're waterproof and don't need to be sealed. Natural stone tiles have an authentic, rustic look, but they need to be refinished and resealed a few times over the years. Also, tile floors need maintenance every few years because the grout line is porous and susceptible to water damage.

Basically, tile and wood are both great flooring choices if you want to invest in a wisehome improvement project. You just need to be prepared for a little bit of maintenance.

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