Why Use Ductless Air Conditioning For A Small Restaurant?

As an owner, your small restaurant's food and customers may be taking up most of your mental space. The traditional HVAC system in your space may not be on you mind until you're told that expensive repairs are needed or decide the entire thing should be upgraded or replaced. If you're about to invest in new air conditioning, you may want to research ductless systems.

Ductless cooling works with one external, main unit that pumps cool air through multiple tubes that lead to small units placed throughout your restaurant. This is a departure from traditional systems because large air ducts aren't required. How could this affect your small restaurant?

Cleaner Air

Because air won't be making its way through ducts that aren't always completely accessible, ductless systems won't collect as much dust or debris. That means the air pumped into your restaurant will be much cleaner. Those with allergies may experience relief.

Lower Utility Costs

Lack of ducts will also be appreciated when you get your utility bills. With traditional systems, there's a lot of cool air that is in an air duct at any given time. Without those large ducts throughout the space, cool air will reach the interior quickly and the system may not need to be running as often or working as hard. Therefore, costs to cool the space should be lower with a ductless system.

Increased Comfort

If your kitchen employees regularly prop open doors because they are too hot in the kitchen, even in the summer, you can probably appreciate the need for greater cooling in that area. However, you probably also know that bumping up air conditioning in the entire space could make the place too cold for customers. Ductless systems allow you to set the mini-units at different temperatures so that you can make kitchen staff more comfortable without freezing your customers.

Greater Freedom with Additions or Renovations

Just because your place is small now, you may already be dreaming of adding new dining rooms or upgrading the dining area. With traditional cooling systems, that could mean you also have to work around duct placement. With ductless systems, however, your designs and plans can be just as you imagine. A new mini-unit can be added easily.

Your small eatery can benefit from ductless systems. Commercial air conditioning experts in the area, such as from Associated Mechanical Services Co, can provide more ductless system information so you can compare and contrast all available cooling solutions.

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