Should You Install Wood Or Synthetic Windows?

Changing your windows might not be the first thing you have on your DIY wish list. There are so many possible home-improvement projects to invest them, and things like paint jobs, roofing, and flooring replacement are always going to be the most common. But you should not discount the importance of having new windows in your home. Not only does it improve a lot of functional issues, it also helps to update your exterior and interior style.

New windows are going to make your home more energy-efficient while also making your home style more modern. Even though windows might not seem like a major part of your home style, they are instrumental in determining the overall style of your home. So when you decide to get replacement windows, you also need to think about how they are going to change your home style. This article focus on style issues you should consider when buying new windows.


Obviously, the material of your windows is going to have the biggest impact on their style. For example, the majority of window sashes are made out of synthetic materials like vinyl, aluminum, PVC, or fiberglass. But all of these products usually have wooden textures. The majority of these textures are just one color without any print. So it is a subtle wooden style, but it doesn't really look anything like real wood or lumber.

Style-wise, these are second fiddle to real wood. But they could be more practical than wood and fit with your style if they match with the trim around your home. That is, even if you have wooden trim, if it is just painted a solid color, you definitely don't need to have real windows. For instance, if you have painted white wooden trim, having a synthetic window material like fiberglass that has the same white color is going to look just great and match very well.


Of course, the best part about having the synthetic materials instead of actual wood is the fact that they are so much easier to care for and the color stays true longer. If you do have wooden windows, they will need to be refinished. However, if you do want the look of the real number, with exposed wood grains and a dyed finish, you can't go wrong with real wood panels. As mentioned, they are going to require more maintenance than the synthetic materials, but they are going to look so much more stylish and authentic.

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