Having A New Staircase Installed? Here's What To Ask Your Service Provider

Before having your new staircase built and installed, there are a few important questions you should ask your service provider. The following questions shouldn't be overlooked:

What Accommodations Need to Be Made?

You can expect your home to be somewhat chaotic while your new staircase is being built, but it's a good idea to know exactly what kind of accommodations you'll have to make for your service provider to ensure that they can properly and safely complete your staircase project. Depending on where your new staircase is being installed, you may not be able to use one or more of the rooms in your home at all while work is being done.

You may need to move some of your furniture to another room or out of the home altogether, and the noise level during working hours might be too much for your family members to bare. So find out what to expect and how you can best prepare for your upcoming staircase building project before the project actually begins.

Who Will Be Working on the Project?

It's also a good idea to find out who will accompany your service provider to work on your staircase project so you can learn something about everyone who will be spending time in your home. Make sure that you get licensing and insurance information for each person who will be working in your home for your service provider.

And set up a consultation meeting with the group of workers who will be in your home beforehand if possible. It's also important to make sure that everyone in your household meets each worker so they know who should and shouldn't be in your home working at any given time.

Do You Offer Any Warranty Protection?

You should find out whether your service provider offers any warranty protection for their workmanship and for the staircase itself after it's been built and installed. If they do offer protection options, you'll have an opportunity to decide which you want to invest in if any before the stairs are even put in. And if they don't offer protection, you'll have an opportunity to find third-party insurance companies that can offer you the warranty protection you deserve.

How Should I Maintain the New Staircase?

If you want your new staircase to stay in good shape as it ages, it's important to ask your service provider how you should properly maintain it in the coming years. You can count on your service provider to recommend cleaning products, teach you buffing techniques, and show you how to sand damaged areas if necessary. And they'll recommend a professional maintenance schedule to follow so you don't have to worry about figuring out when to schedule your upcoming maintenance appointments.

Learn more from a local company that offers interior staircase installation services.

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