Reasons Why Your Sewer Line Is Backing Up

A sewage backup into your home is something you never want to deal with. Unfortunately, there are some problems that can cause your home's sewer line to clog and cause a backup inside. The following are some of the main ways a sewer line can back up into your home:

Roots Growing into Your Pipes

If you have trees near your home and growing around your main sewer line, the roots can eventually make their way into the pipe. Roots are drawn to moisture and will grow in its direction no matter where it comes from. Sewer lines are always full of moisture, so it is not uncommon for tree roots to move towards the pipes. Unfortunately, roots can overtake the pipes and eventually cause them to break. Roots can grow into the pipes or around them and cause cracks and breakage.

Improper Flushing

You must be mindful when you flush anything down the toilet. There are many items that you should never flush or you could end up with a major problem with your main sewer line. The only thing that should go down the toilet is toilet tissue. You should never flush anything else, including paper towels, feminine hygiene products, or anything greasy down the toilet. These items, and other foreign objects, will get lodged in the main sewer line and cause the home's entire plumbing system to back up into your house.

Outdated Pipes

In older homes with older plumbing, you may experience backups in your pipes. Over time, the pipes can collapse. In some cases, the pipes are just worn out. Other times, the plumbing is made from material that is weak or outdated. Some really old homes have plumbing made from clay or iron pipes. The older they get, the more materials can erode and break. If a sewer line breaks and the plumbing is old, you will need to have the entire pipe system replaced. Your plumber can look into the pipes with a camera snake to determine if you have a collapsed line.

To best avoid a sewer backup into your home, you should have regular inspections done on your home's plumbing. Prevention is the best way to avoid a surprise plumbing problem. If you begin to notice that your toilets do not flush or your bathtub or shower does not drain, chances are you have an issue with your sewer line. You need professional attention right away.

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