Need To Strip An Old House Of The Copper Plumbing And Electrical For Money Towards New Renovations? Start By Calling A Plumber

Renovating an old home and replacing all the utilities can be a lot of work, but it is important to be responsible with all of the old materials. These materials can be reused for future building projects and could help reduce some of your spending on the new renovation.

Handling the materials properly is important, along with finding the right recycling centers. Here are key components that you want to remove with care.

Copper Plumbing

The old plumbing may need to be removed, but the heavy copper piping is valuable. You can take this to a scrap yard and get cash in hand for the piping. Remove all the pieces and clean what is needed. Not just pipes, but copper plumbing from heating and cooling appliances or other appliances can also be scrapped.

Talk with a plumber about getting all of the old materials out without causing any water concerns around the home, and also get the estimate for the new plumbing to be installed. If you are worried about a cost-efficient option, many people use PVC for their plumbing needs.

Copper Wires

There are people that will come in and remove all the electrical wiring for you if you have copper wires. These copper wire buyers will repurpose the electrical components. Find a professional company that does this.

If you are looking to replace the electrical outlets and lighting fixtures, this is more copper that you can turn in for cash. Talk with an electrician to make sure you recycle and scrap as much as possible when they are removing the old.

Old Appliance Pipes and Components

When you pull out old hot water tanks, furnaces, and other appliances, they will have old plumbing components and pieces or items that can be scrapped as well. Talk with the plumbing service professionals to see what components are valuable, and what needs to be left in place for you to hook up the new appliances.

There is a lot of money to be found in the plumbing and electrical systems of old houses and even in the old appliances you plan to remove. Make sure you take the time to get out all the materials that can put some money back in your pocket, or that you can use towards all the new components for the upgrades and changes. This is also a great way to keep these items out of landfills where they would harm the environment.

If you need help with a renovation, contact a residential plumbing or electric service in your area.

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