Building A Home Addition On A Budget? Cut Costs With These Frugal Planning Tips

A common complaint among homeowners is that their once-spacious home now feels too cramped and uncomfortable. This happens most often as family sizes or needs expand beyond the amount of living space the home's design offers. While selling the too-small home to purchase a larger one is an option to consider, many families in this situation are unwilling to leave a beloved neighborhood or move away from friends and relatives on their street. 

When moving to a larger home is not an option, building an addition to add more square footage is the most convenient solution, but it can also be a costly one. If you would like to have an addition built onto your current home to create much-needed space, here are some frugal planning tips to help you keep the project costs as low as possible. 

Choose to repurpose existing space

The cost of adding more finished living space outside the current footprint of the home will likely be expensive because it will require framing and structural changes, adding roofing and siding, as well as interior finishes and insulation. A much less expensive way to gain needed living space could be to use an existing space, such as a garage or attic, that might only require insulation and interior work to make useable. If a garage is converted to living space, homeowners could choose to add a carport to the home or build a completely detached garage to provide parking and storage. 

Group water and sewer needs together

Bathroom building and remodeling costs are typically higher than other rooms due to the need to install or renovate the plumbing system. When planning an addition to an existing home, homeowners who choose to add a new bathroom near an existing one can reduce the amount of water and sewer lines that will need to be run, which can save a significant amount on the project's cost. Additionally, the new bathroom space may be able to use the existing hot water supply, eliminating the need to add an additional water heater. 

Avoid changing the roofline

Another way to save money on a home addition is to find a way to avoid making structural changes to the roof, such as changing the existing roofline. Instead, consider locating the addition where the roof can be connected to the exterior wall of the home without making structural changes in the existing roof. 

While there are many design ideas that can help streamline the project and cut the costs of building your home addition, homeowners will want to avoid the mistake of attempting a DIY building project. Instead, look for a home addition contractor with the expereince to assist in attaining permits, schedule needed inspections, and build a quality home addition that will add comfort and value to your home for years to come. 

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