Can You Paint Your Own Exterior?

One of the best ways to increase the value of your building before putting it on the market is to simply repaint it. That is, some people think they need to invest in dramatic, expensive building upgrades in order to increase their property value. However, a simple paint job can do wonders when it comes to the ultimate appraisal value of your property. New paint can make your house stand out, especially on the exterior. New exterior paint is going to increase the curb appeal of your home, and differentiate it from your neighbors. This article explains the process of painting exterior surfaces. It is meant to help you decide whether it is a project you want to take on yourself, or if it is something that you want to hire professional painters for.

First of all, it is important to remember that painting exterior surfaces is almost always more difficult than painting interior surfaces. First of all, it is harder to reach much of the wall, especially on buildings with multiple levels or stories. Also, the surfaces are usually more textured, which makes it harder to get complete paint coverage.

Using Spray Guns or Rollers

The best way to paint an exterior surface is with a spray gun. It enables you to get complete coverage on a textured surface more quickly. However, exterior surfaces can also be painted with traditional brushes and rollers. This is actually a good approach if you have three or four people painting at once. That is, three or four painters using rollers are going to be able to get paint onto the wall faster than just one person using a spray gun. Professionals usually use one or two spray guns to quickly cover your walls.

Physical Requirements

You also need to think about the physical requirements of painting exterior surfaces. You have a need to climb up and down ladders or use a scaffolding system. This is very exhausting, especially when you are exposed to the elements. You need to make sure the weather is conducive to painting. If you try to paint on a moist or rainy day, the paint might not dry evenly. In the end, exterior painting is a manageable DIY project, but only if you are physically able to handle the work if you are capable of using a pneumatic spray gun, and if you have a few laborers.

Painting exteriors is not easy. If you're looking to paint the exterior of your building, talk to a commercial contractor about how they can help.

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