Some Roofing Questions and Their Answers

When you own your own home the responsibility of maintenance issues and repairs falls on you. This is why it is so important for you to learn some basic information about things like your HVAC, your plumbing, and your roofing. This short guide will cover some of the basic questions about roofing many homeowners have and the answers to them. 

How Can You Spot Roofing Problems?

Some roofing issues can be easy to spot, while others can be difficult to find. When you are checking your roof, which you should do regularly, you want to look for any curling, damaged, or missing shingles. You should also look for moss or algae, as well as areas on the roof where there are piles of leaves gathering. 

Pay attention to the rain gutters and check for damage or gaps. Make sure you don't see any signs of rotted wood or other visible problems with the eaves. Look for granules along the bottom of your house and in the rain gutters because finding a good amount of them often indicates the need for new shingles.

Look at the ceiling throughout your house for signs of staining. Also, take a look in the attic and make sure there are no signs of water after a rainstorm. 

If you can't see your whole roof from the ground, then it is even more important for you to have the roof inspected a couple of times a year. You should also have it cleaned if you do spot piles of leaves because this can prevent problems. 

What Do You Do if Part of Your Roof is in Bad Shape?

If a part of your roof has damage and it needs to be reroofed, then you have a decision to make. You can have that area reroofed, or you can have the whole roof done. One of the things you need to consider is how the damage happened. If something, such as a tree branch, caused the damage then the rest of the roof may be fine. Also, you want to consider the age of the roof. If it is already an older roof then it may be best to take the opportunity to have the entire roof replaced. 

Can You Just Do the Repairs Yourself?

All the videos online showing people how to tend to all kinds of home maintenance may be tempting. You may feel since you can purchase everything you need from the hardware store that you can perform roof repairs yourself. However, when you don't have experience, you won't know how to deal with all the little surprises that are likely to show up. You can end up spending a lot more money in the long run, end up needing a roofer to come out anyway, or put yourself in a dangerous position. It's much better for you to leave your roofing repairs to the professionals.

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