5 Factors to Consider When Positioning Your New Home

Before you start building your new custom home, it's vital to determine the right placement of the structure and the best layout for your lot. What sort of considerations should any homeowner think about before placing the house in its permanent position? Here are five of the most important. 

1. The Best Views. What does your lot offer visually? Is there a nice view of trees, surrounding landscape, or the rising or setting sun? Which areas have the least intrusion from neighboring homes and yards? If you plan to put in outdoor elements, like a parking area or pool, do you want to minimize views of these or maximize them? Assess the lot first so you can note its highs and lows. 

2. Interior Room Layout. If you already have some idea what you want the layout of the home's interior to look like, analyze the views from doors and windows. Do you want to see the sunset from your living room? It must be in a certain place. Need a view of the kids' play area from the kitchen? You might orient either the house or the location of the kitchen. And if you plan a two-story home, consider the views from high windows.

3. Movements of the Sun. Be sure to note how the sun and shade move around the yard throughout the day. Which windows get the harshest or longest sunlight? What portions of the home will be shaded at what times? How does the sun's movement affect your landscaping plans? Designing a house to make good use of warming sunlight and cooling shade reduces utility costs and boosts comfort. 

4. How Water Flows. Water is beautiful, but it can be dangerous to your home's structure. If you build the house on the lowest part of a large lot, you may spend your whole ownership battling to keep that water away from your foundation, basement, and entertainment zones. Similarly, if you want to build where drainage is an issue, you may need more expansive site preparation. 

5. Views From Outside. Not only should you think about what you want to see from your windows, but think about what others see from theirs. Walk around the lot's perimeters and look inward toward. Can neighbors see into your private rooms? Will passersby have a full view of outdoor entertainment areas or a pool? Or can you take advantage of your neighbor's tall tree line as a privacy shield? 

Want more tips for choosing the right home placement and direction? Start by meeting with an experienced custom home building contractor in your area today. 

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