How To Go All-In With Industrial Decoration

The industrial decoration style has become popular in recent years. If you want to go all-in on the industrial look, you'll need to plan. Follow these five tips to make sure your industrial-style space will look amazing.

Mind the Weight

Especially if you start buying lots of authentic pieces of industrial hardware, you will need to start thinking about the weight. Remember that things like steel-cased pipes weigh a lot because they have to be solid and withstand immense pressures. If you're not careful, all of this weight can punch a hole through the floor.

Know how much weight a building's structure can support. Also, keep in mind that you'll need to account for the weight of everything above a floor. This means things like appliances, people, and everyday items.

Bear in mind that there are alternatives for cutting down the weight. You can use lighter materials like aluminum, for example. Also, fake metal beams can provide the desired look without contributing to serious structural concerns. Facades are also excellent for providing the appearance of brick without investing in masonry.

Focus on Pop

Decoration needs to read in the expected style. Small features like handles and window frames can help a room read as industrial without breaking the budget or imposing practical constraints.

Use a few focal points to maximize the industrial look. If a fireplace dominates a living room, for example, try to combine a weathered brick facade, an industrial-style opening, and a few metal accents to give it visual appeal.

Open Up

Most industrial decor styles involve open designs. Whenever possible, you'll want to open things up. The space should be open like a factory floor. Ceilings should expose the features within them like conduits, lights, and air ducts. If you know where the main supports are, expose those so you can feature them while freeing up space.

Emphasize Distress

Industrial looks should look lived-in. If you want to have a wooden table, for example, look for something that looks a bit rough. Metal surfaces on things like shelves can expose some rust as long as you treat it to prevent further deterioration, too. Slightly chipped bricks and blocks are always great.

Add When Necessary

Not every space, even one that was part of an industrial building, is going to be perfect. When necessary, add elements of industrial decoration to complete the look. If you can't find the perfect seats, for example, have a contractor make them.

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