"Decorative" Rocks To Use For Your Patio

Some people simply cover their patio area with everyday gravel or pea gravel. These options do the job—they keep the patio area drained and provide a solid surface for you to walk on. But what if you want your stone patio to have a more decorative look? Then you may want to steer away from general-purpose gravel and towards one of these more decorative options for patio rock.


Flagtstone is a type of rock that's typically reddish-brown and gray in color. It has a smooth, flat surface and polishes up nicely. There's a lot of color variation in the pieces, which makes flagstone quite eye-catching. Since flagstone is sold in relatively big, flat pieces, most people lay it out like pavers when creating a patio floor. For this reason, flagstone is a good choice if you really want your patio to be smooth and level. It's easier to wheel a grill across than small stones. Parents also like flagstone as a patio flooring material since there are no smaller chunks for kids to pick up and potentially swallow.

Marble Chips

Do you want a really pristine, modern-looking patio floor? Then chunks of marble may be a good type of stone to choose. Marble patio flooring is a blend of white and pale gray in color, which really stands out against most landscapes. Using marble can make an otherwise simple or rustic patio look fresh and bright. Since these chunks are often made from marble that couldn't be used for countertops and other expensive projects, they tend to be sold quite affordably. They are heavy, though, so make sure you have any marble you order dumped close to the patio where you'll be spreading it.

Brick Pieces

Brick is not technically stone, but many stone companies do sell crushed brick — and it shares a lot of characteristics with stone. Its reddish color makes it a really eye-popping choice. However, it looks more rustic and country-like than marble chips. Brick drains well, too, which makes it a good patio flooring option in wet areas. You could complement it with bricks used elsewhere in your landscape design for a cohesive look.

If you want a patio floor that's not just functional but also attractive, these rock options are ones to consider. Talk to a stone company near you, and get some quotes to see what might fit in your price range.

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