Have An Old Drafty House With Poor Insulation? Update These Areas With Foam Insulation Today

Living in an old house can come with high heating bills and a lot of air loss if the house isn't insulated properly. If you want to get new insulation installed and you want polyurethane foam, call a contractor and see what can be done today.

Polyurethane foam insulation is a high-quality and highly efficient option. It:

  • Acts as a moisture barrier and is resistant to mold and mildew
  • Expands to fit all gaps and areas in the walls and around ceilings and doors
  • Stops heat loss in the home
  • Helps provide support to the structure of the walls and attic
  • Is fire resistant

The contractor will go through your house and see where they can utilize the insulation, without having to start major renovations. Do the following when meeting with the contractor.

Find Easy-to-Install Locations

Talk with a foam insulation installation contractor to see what areas of your home are easy to access. These will be areas they can blow the insulation without having to do a lot of damage. Some potential areas include:

  • In the attic along the base of the roof
  • In open flooring areas in the attic
  • In exterior walls that can be accessed through door jams
  • Along the walls of a crawl space

Just getting the insulation in the attic area can prevent a lot of heat loss in the home, and if you can get it in the exterior walls without having to cut into the drywall, this would ideal.

Talk About the Quote

There should be some specific things included in the quote before the project starts. This should entail:

  • The cost for the service professional
  • The cost per square foot of insulation
  • The material expenses at the time of the project

Compare a couple of quotes so you can see what the going rate is for the materials and the services that you need. Be sure to find companies that are licensed and have reputable references in the area you live.

How much you want to cut into your walls and around the house will determine how much insulation you want to have installed. This is a great way to improve the heating and cooling bills in your home, reduce wear on your heating and cooling appliances, prevent air loss, and make the house a quieter place. Air noises won't pass as easily through the home once foam insulation has been installed.  

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