Painting Your Business's Exterior

In order to keep your commercial building attractive to potential customers, it will be necessary to keep the exterior maintained. Painting the exterior can be an integral part of maintaining this part of the structure. 

Use Your Brand Colors For The Exterior Of The Building

If your commercial building is needing to have a new coat of paint applied to it, there will be decisions that you will have to make concerning the colors that are used in the painting project. More precisely, a business may want to consider incorporating its own brand colors into the exterior of the building. This can help to make the building easier to identify as people drive or walk past it. Some businesses may also choose to have their name, logo, or other identifying markings painted on the exterior during this project. While these minor details can substantially improve the visibility of your business, they will only marginally add to the complexity of painting the exterior of the building.

Trim Bushes And Trees Away From The Building's Exterior 

Prior to starting the painting process for your building, some time should be taken to trim any bushes or tree branches away from the exterior of the building. These objects will be capable of interfering with the application of the coat of paint. However, they can also impact the long-term durability of the paint. This can occur as a result of the bushes and branches rubbing against the exterior of the building. Over time, this could scratch and even remove the paint that was applied. Luckily, the trimming work that may be needed will only be minimal, which can limit the impact on the look of the landscaping.  

Use Sidewalk Canopies To Minimize Accessibility Disruptions

During the painting process, it is important to limit the disruptions to the business so that any lost revenue from closing can be minimized. The installation of sidewalk canopies can be one solution for meeting this need. These canopies will be able to protect individuals as they are walking through the area that is being painted. In addition to preventing them from having paint accidentally drip on them, the canopy could also minimize the risk of injuries occurring if debris or painting tools were accidentally dropped during this work. Fortunately, sidewalk canopies can be quickly installed so that they will not have a major impact on the amount of time that the exterior painting project will take.

Contact a local commercial exterior painter to learn more. 

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