Helical Piers Might Be The Solution For Repairing Your Home's Foundation Damage

It's upsetting when your home has foundation damage, but fortunately, it's often possible to have repairs done. Just don't wait too long since damage can get worse and make repairs more difficult. 

There are a few ways to make foundation repairs, and your contractor will inspect your home to figure out the right method for you. Helical piers are a common type of repair the contractor might suggest. Here's how helical piers are used for foundation repair.

Helical Piers Are Similar To Big Screws

These piers are made of steel and shaped somewhat like screws. They screw into the ground with the power of a hydraulic system rather than being driven straight into the ground. The piers come in different sizes depending on how much weight they need to bear.

Your foundation will probably need several piers spaced equally apart around your home. The foundation will rest on the piers once the work is done so the foundation is lifted and stable again.

Helical Piers Are Suitable For Tight Spaces

The crew doesn't need a whole lot of space to put in these piers, so they're a good type of foundation repair if you have a small yard. The crew needs to dig a hole for each pier that goes deeper than the footing of your house. Then piers are placed in the holes and connected to the hydraulic system that drives the piers into the ground.

The depth the piers are driven depends on when the contractor reaches stable ground so the piers won't shift after installation. Then the load of the house is transferred to the piers. Helical piers are a good repair option for loose soil, compacted soil, and soil that is underwater.

Helical Piers Are Durable And Last A Long Time

These piers are strong. Larger ones can support a multiple-story commercial building. They're considered a permanent type of foundation repair since the piers are strong and last for many decades. Installing the piers goes pretty fast too, so the work won't be drawn out for days. The contractor might finish the job in a single day without causing much damage to your yard.

When the work is finished, the holes are backfilled and the crew cleans up. Your home will be resting on the new foundation, and you'll have peace of mind that your home won't keep sinking and cracking.

Helical piers can be installed in almost every instance, but the foundation repair contractor will have to assess your foundation and decide if they're an appropriate way to do foundation repairs on your home.

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